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My First Guest


This comment is about my first guest blog post. I was going to title it, “Guest Post Who’s Coming to Dinner?”, but even for me that was a pun too far. Instead, I cranked up the volume on my literature dial and made a reference to a short story (“My First Goose”) by one of my favorite short story writers, Isaac Babel.

Thanks to Meg, the FUZE Marketing Guru, I was recently invited to do a one-day guest blog post on, a site specializing in Boomer relationship issues. It was my first guest blog appearance, so I thought I’d share some thoughts with you about the experience, because, you know, we never forget the first time.

Doing a guest blog is probably the most fun I’ve had while sitting in my pajamas and drinking coffee since my colonoscopy. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Writing a guest blog is pretty darn cool, actually. You hunch over your computer and log in to the site throughout the day and simply answer questions. That’s pretty much it. No heavy lifting or cryptic ready-to-assemble instructions from South Korea to decipher.

Generally, you don’t want to answer too simply, with just a “Yes” or a “No.” You can even give an unprofessional, smart-alecky remark (“Oh, yeah? I’ve seen better punctuation in a Denny’s menu.”). That is, as long as you change it to something more intelligent and tasteful before clicking the Publish button.

In my experience, doing a guest post beats answering questions at a small, struggling bookstore from six people, three of whom are sitting there by mistake and are too polite to leave until you do. Plus, you do get to correspond frequently with someone named Anonymous, who seems to be all over the Internet these days.

In re-reading my posts, I now realize my answers skewed toward the wordy side, and I was reminded of Virgil “VIP” Partch, a cartoonist from the 1940s-50s-and-60s.  Partch was a former Disney cartoonist and Disney cartoonists, as you may already know, drew characters that only had three or four fingers, instead of the normal five. Partch left Disney and started gag cartooning for magazines. A signature feature of his magazine style was showing characters with more than five fingers on each hand. He liked to say he was compensating for working at Disney.

After working as a technical writer for many years, a world in which brevity is king, I imagine I took advantage of my opening and let the words fly. I suspect I was making up for so many words cut short in their prime and left behind on the fields of my work station computer.

But I’ll have ample time to redeem myself. During the month of March, I’ll be doing 13 more guest posts, one each on 13 different sites. Please check Author Tracker page on the FUZE website for details and web links, and don’t forget to send me a question. In fact, go ahead and send more than one and as often as you like. I promise not to click the Publish button too soon.

As a final note, I humbly and sincerely thank Rosemary and Phyllis, owners of the “nourishingrelationships” website, for inviting me to blog on their site. Muchas gracias!

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