BLACK WINGS Featured in Virginian-Pilot!

13 Mar

On January 8th, Kathleen Toomey Jabs and her mystery, Black Wings, were featured in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, which serves southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina. In an article entitled “Naval Academy Grad Spins a Novel of Military Intrigue,” journalist Irene Bowers discussed the origins of Black Wings with Jabs, who revealed that the novel was born as a work of literary fiction.  Only after Fuze editor Molly Tinsley suggested that Jabs’ story had all the tension and plot elements of a mystery, did the process of transformation begin.  “The result,” Bowers remarks, “is a mystery that goes beyond a whodunit.”

Ringing true with authenticity that can only be gained by personal experience, this debut novel draws from the author’s four year at the United States Naval Academy, as well as from her military career as a public affairs officer.  Jabs points out that the story and characters are “entirely fictional,” and actually grew from a series of short stories that merged into a longer work when the author received her MFA degree from George Mason University.
How does Jabs like the world of publishing?  After a roller-coaster journey–having the book passed over by mainstream presses, deciding to put the novel on the shelf, then reshaping it under the tutelage of the Fuze editing staff, Jabs says, “It’s thrilling and slightly nerve-wracking to be published.”
Jabs also revealed her intentions for a sequel…so, stay tuned!
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