Entering the Blue Stone — Another Fuze Spark!!

13 Mar

Several years ago, Fuze co-founder Molly Best Tinsley crafted a memoir that chronicled the final stage of her parents’ lives.  Though a number of agents chose to pass on the dark humor of this family story, she was encouraged by an editor at a small but well-known publishing house, who loved it and said she would get back to her with a contract.  A week later Tinsley received an apologetic retraction of the offer.  It turned out the publishing house had just been bought out by a much larger one, and the new marketing department didn’t think Entering the Blue Stone would make enough money. The marketers suggested that Tinsley revise the book into a how-to manual for those whose loved ones suffered from organic brain disorders.  There was just one problem with that instruction: the ultimate point of Tinsley’s narrative is that the only path through these situations requires surrendering the need for a simple how-to. 

Entering the Blue Stone’s fate seemed sealed, then, by the old publishing paradigm which favored tried-and-true authors and subjects and tended tooverlook the special, hard to classify books, the books that plant seeds in the reader which bloom at unexpected moments ever after.  Tinsley put the BlueStone manuscript in a drawer and all but forgot about it as she moved on to new creative projects.  Then recently by chance,  Karetta Hubbard, Fuze co-founder asked to read the manuscript, for her own parents’ lives have grown complicated by issues of advanced age.  Stunned by the book’s beauty and universal message, she told Molly, “We have to publish this.”  And so we find ourselves adding one more title to the list of treats coming to you in 2012–Entering the Blue Stone.  Here it is in miniature:
What happens when one’s larger-than-life military parents–so strong, so capable, so valiant–find themselves sliding out of control?  The General struggles with Parkinson’s disease; his wife manifests a bizarre dementia. Their three grown children embrace what seems the perfect solution–an upscale retirement community.  Shuttling between laughter and tears, Entering the Blue Stone discovers what shines beneath catastrophe: family bonds, the dignity of even an unsound mind, and the endurance of the heart.


A former professor of English at the United States Naval Academy, Molly Best Tinsley is recognized as the first professoremerita in its history.  Her fiction has twice received  a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, as well as the Oregon Book Award and the Pushcart Prize.  She is the co-author of Satan’s Chamber (Fuze Publishing), Throwing Knives (Ohio State University Press), and My Life With Darwin (Houghton Mifflin).  Dr. Tinsley also co-authoredThe Creative Process (St. Martin’s), and her plays have been read or staged nationwide, from Seattle, to Houston, New York City, and Washington DC.  She lives in Oregon, where she divides her time between Ashland and Portland.


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