Ebook Interrupted? New York Times on Tablets of Distraction

02 Apr
Over a year ago, this newsletter reported on the digital book-buying boom which prompted speculation on the future of the publishing industry.  Would the print book survive?  Most thought yes, though hard copy may give way to electronic books.   What will happen, though, to our reading experience, as the options for electronic books proliferate?


According to a recent New York Times article (Finding Your Book Interrupted…By the Tablet You Read It On

), many consumers are choosing tablets, like the ipad, as their preferred vehicle for downloading and reading ebooks.  Simple ereaders like the basic Kindle, replicate the insular world of a book, allowing a reader to lose herself in the “pages.”  Tablets, on the other hand, offer a world of distraction–the ability to skype, email, twitter, surf the web, download apps, etc.  Journalists Julie Bosman and Matt Richtel elaborate that “while a book in print or on a black-and-white Kindle is straightforward and immersive, a tablet offers a menu of distractions that can fragment the reading experience, or stop it in its tracks.”  Tablet reader David Myer equates it with “trying to cook when there are little children around.”  Others confess that the percentage of their unfinished books has climbed to new heights. 


Have our hopes that digital books would inspire a well-educated population of prolificreaders crashed on the rocks?  Major publishing houses insist that the market for both print books and simple e-readers “is not going away, despite the pull of tablets.”  Erin Faulk, avid reader, spins a new twist. “I gravitate to books that make me forget I have a world of entertainment at my fingertips. If the book’s not good enough to do that, I guess my time is better spent.”


Fuze Publishing’s mission remains the same– to deliver books with integrity, page-turners whose writing and stories engage and inspire.   You won’t be tempted away from our “pages,” no matter how you choose to read our books!


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