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02 Apr



In the age of booming on-line traffic and the rising popularity of digital books, publishers looking to market their books engage in an entirely different process then a mere five years ago.  There is a whole world out there–the blogsphere–filled with people who love reading books, and love telling others about them.  Sure, a mega-blog site’s vast popularity prompts advertisers to pay a blog master for air time.  But for the most part, blog reviewers toil for free and from the heart, guided by their desire to discover the latest and best in the world of books.


Fuze has the great good fortune to have discovered some fantastic bloggers who, for the small token of a book copy, take it upon themselves to meticulously read our books and honestly tell us what they think.  Below are some of our favorite bloggers, to whom we are endlessly grateful, with links to their sites.


Our list but scratches the surface of this wild, potent community. We’d love to hear from you!  What are your favorite on-line blogs?  Where do you go to read up on the newest releases?    Contact us at to update us on any important book blog sites we have overlooked…



Blog reviewers loved the off-beat humor in Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak, by Mark Saunders–


Best title for an expat book ever.”  Carol Schmidt ofFalling in Love with San Miguel.



“Mark [has a] dry, witty, sense of humor…Guaranteed to make you smile.”  Wendy Hines of Wendy’s Minding Spot


“Humorous…much recommended.”  Midwest Book Review:Small Press Bookwatch.



All month long, Mark Saunders visits thirteen blog sites as a guest blogger.  Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak Blog Tour.



Reviews for Nobody Knows coming soon from these blog sites:

Woman Around Town


Book End Babes



Many of our blog reviewers sang the praises of Black Wings, by Kathleen Toomey Jabs–


“An outstanding novel…a first-rate mystery/thriller that will keep you nervously turning pages.”  Linda Brinson of Briar Patch Books.



“Impeccable…seamless…a page-turner with a gloss of military life that is hard to put down!”  Wendy Hines ofWendy’s Minding Spot


“Riveting…sharp…intelligent…Highly Recommended!”  Debra Martin of Two Ends of the Pen.



“A masterful mystery… that opens the doors on plebes in

the Academy.”  Mary Ann Smyth of Book Loons.



Reviews coming soon for Black Wings from the following  blog sites:

Book End Babes


Booksie’s Blog


Great Thoughts


Woman Around Town



The Mother Daughter Show, by Natalie Wexler, received loads of online praise from some of our favorite blogspots–


“Exuberant characters, tenderness, satirical fun, and worthy insights … should be a hit with middle-class women of a certain age.” Library Journal Xpress Reviews

“Humorous, lively. Readers will sympathize and cheer for the characters, and find much to relate with in their own lives. Recommended for women readers, but all readers will enjoy it.” Booksie’s Blog

“Thoughtful … funny … has humor and heart.” Lesa’s Book Critiques

“A very enjoyable book, even if you think its world is science fiction.” Chaotic Compendiums

“Two thumbs up!” Something She Wrote

“A true delight.” Book Loons

One of December’s “Top 5 Must-Read Selections.” Jen’s Jewels

“A must read.” Two Ends of the Pen

“Every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be.” Minding Spot

“A new entrant for one of my favorite books of 2011.” Great Thoughts


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