The Gift of El Tio Authors Hosted by “Happy Bookers”

04 Jul

Have you seen The Gift of El Tio book trailer?  Click here to be transported to another time and place via traditional Bolivian music and images from San Cristobal.  Don’t forget to like the video and leave your comments! 

Larry Buchanan, co-author with Karen Gans of The Gift of El Tio, shared his experience last month at the “Happy Bookers” Book Club in Medford, OR:


Karen and I were invited to the “Happy Bookers” for a fine meal of traditional Bolivian dishes (Papas Huancaina, quinoa, and peanut-sauce-covered salad.)   The attendees were very enthusiastic about The Gift of El Tio, and we spent three lovely hours discussing the culture of the villagers, our responses to the changes that occurred there, and how we also were forever changed by the ten-year experience.  I, the only thorn among the roses, just enjoyed myself among the charming, talented, and obviously exceptionally intelligent ladies. Fuze co-founder and author of Entering the Blue Stone, Molly Tinsley, also attended, adding much to the discussion.

“Prospecting in 1995, geologist Larry Buchanan found evidence of a gigantic silver ore deposit whose development would necessitate the complete removal of the small Quechua-speaking village atop

it. . . . This book raises the question: when a people’s traditional lifestyle is on the very margins of survival, how should the gains and losses of modernity be

weighed? . . . . El Tio’s prophecy and his ambiguous gift completes the circle of meaning, providing context for a page-turning mystery that is both tightly structured and evocatively written.”

~Anne Chambers, PhD, Professor of Anthropology at Southern Oregon University, author with Keith Chambers of Unity of Heart: Culture and Change in a Polynesian Atoll Society


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