Forbes Predicts Hybrid Publishers The Wave of the Future

22 Aug

Last month, Forbes contributor Nick Morgan gave his take on the publishing industry in the article, “What Is The Future of Publishing?”

  He spelled out the usual doom and gloom report for traditional publishers–is anyone out there starting to feel sorry for these guys?  However, Morgan also identified the exception to the downward spiral– publishers who make a point of developing a relationship and connection with their readership.   “[Traditional] publishers make deals with authors and pay attention to distributors,” Morgan says.  “About readers they know next to nothing.”  By contrast, presses like Harvard Business Publishing–and, of course, Fuze–who connect with readers regularly via blogs, magazines, and enewsletters, understand what readers want and create business models based on those demands.  

The news continues to be good for companies like Fuze, whom Morgan says use a “smart hybrid model that will be the other winner in the future.”  Hybrid companies offer some of the benefits of traditional publishing.  For example, Fuze properly edits author manuscripts and develops strategic marketing plans geared to today’s world.  But hybrids retain some of the empowering aspects of self-publishing in that authors typically enter into a business partnership with hybrid publishers, both of whom work towards the success of the book.  This new model isn’t beholden to archaic contracts that serve only the most successful of authors, and often forgoes distributors that take a large portion of the profits.  It’s a win-win! 

Read the entire Forbes article.

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