“Woman Around Town” Features Natalie Wexler, Author of The Mother Daughter Show.

22 Aug

Earlier this month, Charlene Giannetti, creator of the popular online magazine, “Woman Around Town,” visited Natalie Wexler in her Washington, D.C., home to discuss the author’s  latest book,The Mother Daughter Show.

Though the book was a satire about an annual musical put on at the fictional Barton Friends private school, Giannetti assured us that Wexler went beyond “poking fun at private school parents; she wanted to explore mother-daughter relationships. On that score she succeeds admirably, portraying the generational conflicts that are inevitable yet surmountable with the right effort.”  Giannetti continues, “Wexler displays a talent for creating believable dialogue between mothers and teenage daughters as well as daughters and aging mothers.”

Wexler, who began writing the book while participating in an annual mother-daughter revue at Sidwell Friends private school in Washington, D.C., insists that the book is fictional, stemming from her own desire to, “write about mother-daughter relationships which are often so fraught…. I hope there is something universal in that.”

Read the entire article on Natalie Wexler.




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