Will Children Save Books?

12 Sep
As the last of the baby boomer generation nears retirement, the advertising industry and the business world scramble to anticipate this age group’s desires, it might strike readers as strange to learn that the biggest surge in the publishing industry comes from children’s and young adult books.

According to Susan Carpenter in her LA Timesarticle, “Young Readers Spark Book Resurgence,” last year “overall publisher revenues for children’s books were up 12 percent, to $2.78 billion, and e-books made astounding gains.”  Along with this surge has emerged a continued, strong interest from parents to read print books with their younger children.  John Mendelson, senior vice president of sales and digital initiatives for Candlewick, reports, “there’s a real tactile element to that engagement— sitting together and turning the page with a book in your lap.”

Interestingly enough, our aging boomer population’s fascination with youth is partly responsible for the leap in sales.  “The young adult, or YA, category is particularly healthy as a result of blockbuster franchises and strong crossover readership,” Carpenter reports.  “Many young adult books are read as much by adults as they are by their intended teen audiences.”

Not only is this good news for readers and publishers, but authors are also benefiting from the wave of interest.  “What seems to be different about the teen market as opposed to adult fiction,” says Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, “is that young, first-time authors have a wide-open opportunity to sell like gangbusters.”

Later this month, Fuze will release our first children’s book, The Pepperoni Palm Tree, by father-son author team Jason and Aidan Meath.

Read the entire LA Times article.

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