Doomsayers Misinformed?

18 Nov

Fuze continues to report on the changes and struggles iongoing in the publishing world, as we develop and strengthen our special innovative niche.  At times, the future has looked grim, at least for traditional publishers

 who have done everything from declaring bankruptcy, climbing into bed with Amazon, or joining forces with former competitors, in order to cope with plummeting financial returns.  In Peter Osno’s recent Atlantic articleentitled, “Ignore The Doomsayers:  The Book Industry Is Actually Adapting Well,” this dark picture is challenged.

Osno illuminates two important areas.  The first–how publishers are really doing.  “The publishing industry isn’t a monolithic thing: some publishers are doing well and others are not,” says Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director of Digital Book World.  “I don’t see an industry that’s flailing—I see one that’s managing a complicated transition much better than would be expected.”

And the second, how books are really selling.  Osno says, “For all the complexities that publishing faces, the notion that books are somehow less of a factor in the cultural or information ecosystem of our time doesn’t hold up to the evidence.”  In fact, the Association of American Publishers reporting on the first half of 2012 says trade sales went up 12.1 percent, and ebooks sales increased 34.4 percent.  Doesn’t sound like a flailing industry, does it? 

 Not only are book sales up, but even more importantly, readership is up.  If we can believe

 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s figures, “when people buy a Kindle they read four times as much as they did before they bought the Kindle.”  And, Bezos says, “They don’t stop buying paper books.”

The “rub,” so to speak, is that instead of competing with other publishing houses for the attention of readership, “publishers now must confront the immense power and reach of tech giants [read: Amazon] and adapt to their influence. These companies are so much larger than even the biggest of publishers that accommodating their demands on price and promotion is a formidable task.” Undaunted in the midst of the turbulence, Fuze keeps publishing books we believe in, those that awaken the heart and spark the mind. 

Fuze encourages the joy of increased book sales and readership by offering our books in both print and ebook format, directly from our website.

Read the entire Atlantic article. 

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