Should Amazon Watch Its Back?

07 Dec

Media mogul Barry Diller and film producer Scot Rudin saw an opening and they gunned the accelerator.  Was it the chance to compete with the now-dominant Amazon in the world of digital book sales?  Or was it for the pure fun of taking a ride in the turbulent waters of publishing, not knowing what shores they would wash up on?

Whatever their motives, according to a New York Times article entitled, “Media Chiefs Form Venture to E-Publish,”  Diller and Rudin, along with Frances Coady, a longtime publishing executive, have formed a new company called Brightline that will publish first ebooks and then physical books, in partnership with Atavist, an electronic book publisher based in Brooklyn.  It seems when taking on a mega-company like Amazon, there is safety in numbers.

“The book business has a concentrated number of players and is unquestionably in transition,” says Diller.  And his ambitions aren’t small.  “There is a possibility here that if we start with a blank piece of paper that you could hit the opportunity that exists in the book business now.”

This new enterprise obviously has lots of start-up capital, which it plans to use for marketing,

as well as paying top dollar in order to compete for blockbuster authors.   “Many questionsremain,” says Julie Bosman, New York Times contributor, “including how the new company will share revenue with its authors and how it will get printed books into stores.”

Fuze welcomes more players to the field, especially those with the heft to rival Amazon.  Though smaller in our scope than Brightline, our work is backed by the integrity of our books, which stimulate the heart, mind, and imagination. 

Keep publishing diverse–shop Fuze today!

Read the entire New York Times article.

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