Ever Found a Treasure in a Second-Hand Book? Bonus: Writing Prompt!

02 Feb


Correspondent for The Guardian, Wayne Gooderham, is a collector of second-hand books that have been personally inscribed by their previous owners. While engaging in his favorite hobby, he was invited to sift through the contents of a remarkable room in the Oxford, England, warehouse for Skoob Books.  Along with over a million copies of second-hand books, the warehouse houses a “Wall of Found,” consisting of items found tucked between the pages of their books. 

The Guardian article is worth clicking on, as Gooderham was given permission to temporarily dismantle the “Wall of Found” and photograph the pieces for his article.  Some of the treasures include bookmarks, handmade cards, flowers (Gooderham asks, “do people still press flowers and leaves between the pages of books?”), telegrams, hotel bills, and more.  “Surely,” he reflects, “we have all the necessary ingredients for a good William Trevor short story right here.”

Fuze’s suggestion to get your creative juices flowing?  Click on the link, look at the photos, and write for twenty minutes without stopping. No erasing, no crossing out, no one but you has to read this. 

P.S.–You don’t have to consider yourself a writer to try this.  Just take a deep breath and a smooth pen.


Read the entire Guardian article.

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