Want Your Favorite Author’s Ebook Autographed? Simply Request It

02 Feb


You know that honeymoon period just after you’ve discovered a new favorite author when you find yourself thinking all day about the characters in the book, even imagining what they would look like?  Or maybe you’re at the end of your first book by an author and you’ve already bought her second.  You are captivated, spellbound, enriched.  Maybe you even start wondering about the author herself.  How much of this material is from her own life?  Is she married?  Does she like to hike? 

During that awakening to the magic of a new writer, how cool would it be to be able to ask him or her for an autograph, and then be sent a personalized signature on your ereader in a few days?  Or even meet the author in person at a signing, and come away with a digital photo of the two of you, with a personalized signature at the bottom of your ipad?

Well, The New York Times, in an article entitled “Would You Sign My Kindle,” reported that ebook autographs, called “autography**” or “kindlegraph” by different ereaders, have seized the digital book reading world, and transformed book readings.  Now readers who only buy books on ereaders can replicate the experience of print reading by getting the author to sign their ebooks.  

The NYT revealed yet another perk to the in-person version of getting your ebook signed–“Bragging potential? Endless: Readers can post the personalized photo to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.”  

In fact, according to a recent blog post by Erica on “,” kindle owners can go to and if their favorite authors are signed up, they can make a request for an autograph and have one emailed back.  The down side to this is no picture with the author.  Erica speculates that “eventually authors will have to start quitting Kindlegraph in self-defense, because their job is to spend their time writing, not sending out digital signatures.”

Would you like a Fuze author send you an esignature on their book?  Stay tuned as we work to make that happen!

What authors might you ask for an ebook signature?  Let us know on the Fuze Facebook page.

Read the entire NYT’s article.

Read the entire “” post.

**Thanks to blogger Anna Walls of “Anna’s Obsession” for cluing us in about autography.

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